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Omnipure POCB934 4 oz Phosphate scale reduction filter cartridge

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Product Description

Omnipure POCB934 4 oz Phosphate scale reduction filter cartridge is a 9 3/4" x 2.5" universal size filter cartridge to aid in the reduction/ inhibiting of scale deposits in drinking water.

 It is also widely used to reduce scale deposits in ice machines (NOTE: If you use a scale inhibitor on an old/ used machine which has an existing scale deposit you will experience a period of descale and flakes of scale may be frequently found in ice cubes until the scale deposit is completly removed. Commercial ice machines may need to dump 3-4 full loads of ice after introducing a scale inhibitor before crystal clear ice cubes are free of scale flakes. We suggest that you chemically descale commercial ice machines to reduce ice machine down time)

We have also conducted testing on heavily scaled urns and have seen a dramatic reduction in scale deposits within a number of days of regular use. Again, large flakes of scale will be in dispensed boiling water during this descale period. Would suggest descale with white vinegar or lemon juice to remove majority of scale deposits to avoid upsetting users of the urn.

This cartridge is also used by URWater to reduce scale build up on rental boiling water systems which not only extends the servicable life of the boiler but also reduces the amount of power consumed to boil water. Scale deposits on boiling elements can increase power consumption by more than 20% due to the insulating properties that scale deposits on the elements have in the effective heat transfer into the water.

Cartridge has a servicable life of 6 months in regular use situations. In high use situations you may need to increase the frequency of filter changes to maintain effective inhibiting properties.

Without getting too technical on how the Polyphosphate filter works, it coats the hardness minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) which restricts their ability to oxidise and harden on surfaces. It also will bond with scale deposits as previously mentioned within a system and slowly clean the system of existing scale deposits.

Polyphosphate will contine to disolve once wet so use beyond 6 months even in low use situations it will not perform well after this time if not replaced.

This is another quality US made water filter cartridge proudly included in URWater's quality filter range.

These cartridges are also available in a 9" non standard size. Please contact URWater if you need to order a different size cartridge other than the Universal size of 9 3/4" (sometimes referred to as 10")

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