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Omnipure K2548 100% Calcite pH correction and remineralising inline filter cartridge

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Omnipure filter model: K2548
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Product Description

Omnipure K2548 100% Calcite pH correction and remineralising inline filter cartridge

Omnipure, a well known and trusted US water filter company has developed a filter cartridge which provides pH correction and remineralising with their 100% Calcite cartridge. 

The Calcite pH filter cartridge is a perfect addition to any Reverse Osmosis filter system and can easily be adapted to connect into 1/4" tubing usually just prior to the dispensing tap. 

To modify your existing filter system to include a pH correcting / remineralising cartridge you'll require 2 x mounting clips, 2 screws, a roll of Teflon thread tape and 2 x John Guest end connectors. This kit is only required when first installing the filter and parts are easily removed and placed onto new pH filter cartridges every 6 to 12 months when a filter change is conducted. 

The pH correcting and remineralising cartridge installation kit costs $19.75 and can also be purchased from our online shop. 

Calcite is a crushed and screened white marble media which can be used to neutralise acidic or low pH water to a neutral level. 

The difference between Calcite and other forms of pH correcting media is that calcite will correct pH to around pH 7, and if the water is already at that level it will not further increase the alkalinity level of the water thus extending the serviceable life of the media. Filter media such as Corosex (a specially processed hard, bead like magnesia oxide) which is designed for use in filters to radically correct very acidic or low pH water and will continue to increase pH at a rate of 5 times higher than calcium carbonate. The  50% calcite 50% Corosex Ominpure cartridge is also available in our online store. Serviceable life of the Corosex media cartridges is limited to a maximum of 6 months before requiring to be replaced.

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