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A Rejuenating Experience from engergised water


One of life's little pleasures just got better. A shower can be a revitalising, invigorating experience. With an elife Energised Shower Water Filter it is also a rejuvenating one. Utilising the same technology as the elife Energised Water Filter, the elife Energised Shower Filter converts ordinary tap water into small cluster, activated filtered water - which we call energised water - that has improved hydration properties.

Better skin, better hair, better you

Normal tap water actually has a drying effect on the skin, removing the natural oils that protect it leaving the skin vulnerable to environmental effects. elife energised water is actually absorbed by your skin during your shower, giving it an instant renewal treatment that keeps you looking young and healthy.

elife energised water not only hydrates your skin, but your hair as well. It returns that soft, smooth feeling and lustrous shine to your hair often removed by chemicals in the water.

What chemicals?

It is common knowledge that chlorine is added to the water supply to eliminate waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Take a dip in a pool and you know chlorinated water can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Unfortunately what you probably did not know is that prolonged, daily exposure to chlorine and chlorine by-products in water have other, more harmful effects on the human body, such as the increased risk of rectal, bladder and brain cancer. The elife Energised Shower Filter removes the chlorine from your water making it safer for daily use. It really is your one stop treatment for a cleaner, healthier you.

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