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”Our bodies are comprised of around 70% water - so it makes sense that a pure body would start with pure water. You don’t have to be a Doctor to work that out!”
... Dr. Ramona Dalla Pozza, Townsville, Queensland
Purchased :  Dragon-fly Water from Air Machine


The Dragonfly is truly an amazing product.  Water from Air.  Clean and fresh, like water from the purest source. I had a standard under bench type water filter, plumbed into our kitchen sink AND an on bench electric filter system from a well known brand. I thought we had the best quality water...no.  You need to taste the difference.  Our regular kitchen kettle and Jura Coffee Machine no longer requires de-scaling!  Encourage anyone to simply taste the difference, let alone the health benefits.
... Megan Bennett, Brisbane,Queensland
Purchased :  Dragon-fly Water from Air Machine


I noticed the Dragonfly in my local shopping centre and it stopped me in my tracks. I got on the internet when I got home, purely because I thought it had to be a hoax. This is surprising, as I am an engineer and deal with heat, humidity, condensation etc in my work. Fifteen minutes of research convinced me that this was a good idea.

An hour later I was on the phone to Brendon and the unit arrived at my home the same day. Service? The time from first seeing the Dragonfly to it being in my house making water was about four hours.

The unit is aesthetically pleasing and fits into the kitchen neatly. It is not small and it does make some low level noise. I have it next to the workbenches and the noise is about the same as the air-conditioner outlet. It has faded into the background noise and does not bother me at all.

The taste of the water is excellent, much more pleasant than the carbon filtered water we had been drinking and the machine is generating more water than the claim, in our air-conditioned environment, by around 20%.

The Dragonfly is generating enough water to cover all of our drinking needs, in addition to cooking, cleaning the BBQ, topping up water features and fish tanks. We are pretty water conscious here and the Dragonfly is catering for around 10% of our water usage.

The children are definitely drinking more water than before and the consumption of soft drinks has decreased significantly. Quite simply, they prefer the taste of the water.

I can see why recycled sewage needs to be used in order to minimise water consumption. However, drinking such water, whatever is said about purification and irrespective of carbon filtration, was never going to be an option in this house. A comparison between drinking bottled mineral water and the Dragonfly indicates that it will pay for itself in about three to six months.

Bottled Australian water costs more than petrol, it is a $400M per annum industry and think about the oil that goes into making those bottles and the fact that they will never bio-degrade.

It is probably obvious that I am very pleased with my Dragonfly. In these drought stricken times, everyone should have one, it is that simple. It is not cheap, most things that are worthwhile are not, but it is cost effective and the financial terms look favourable, and it will pay for itself.

... Andrew, Brisbane, Queensland
Purchased :  Dragon-fly Water from Air Machine


‘The Dragonfly M18 extracts water from the air. The water tastes delicious like rain water.  Weekly maintenance includes cleaning the air filter and the collection tank.  It is reassuring knowing the water goes through the filtration system and passes over an ultra violet light to purify the water.  Brendon Douglas (URWater Director) has been courteous and kind whenever we’ve needed to discuss the Dragonfly M18.

The after sales service has been exceptional’

... Hunters, Brisbane, Queensland
Purchased :  Dragon-fly Water from Air Machine