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Environmental responsibility

Most businesses would like to do the right thing and be environmentally friendly in the way that they operate but unfortunately not many do.

Why so often is the environmentally friendly option not taken?

  • It usually costs more to buy Eco friendly products
  • The quality of the Eco friendly product is usually less than that of a non-eco friendly product.
  • There is a lack of availability of eco friendly products, supply and choice of suppliers.
  • Usually eco-friendly products are less convenient.
  • And the list of sacrifices you have to make to go green goes on.........

If you own or run a business why would you choose bottled water when:

  • Bottled water costs nearly as much as petrol.
  • You're paying rent on the office space to store spare plastic bottles.
  • You're paying staff to change bottles of water during working hours.
  • Your water expences increase dramatically when consumption goes up during summer or when staff numbers increase.
  • More bottled water trucks are needed on our roads to deliver you water, meaning more air and noise pollution not to mention the increased traffic congestion on the roads.
  • You will have no water for drinking if your supply of bottled water runs out.
  • You're adding to the global plastic bottle eco-disaster as only 40% of plastic bottles are recycled with the remainder going to landfill or our waterways. 
  • Your staff need to keep track of how many bottles the delivery driver delivers so that you don't get over charged for water you aren't drinking.
  • And the list goes on........

There is an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water that doesn't have any of the above issues.

A mains connected water cooler with a premium filtration system will ensure the water is always pure and keep staff happy and hydrated. It's available for only $9.90 per week installed and fully serviced. There is nothing else you need to do.

It doesn't have to be expensive to make a change for the better of the environment.