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URWater. Because We R Water
No one really thinks about it, but it's the most significant resource in the universe. We need it to drink, to cook, to clean. It grows our crops, moves our goods, keeps us alive. In fact, life as we know it began in water. Even our bodies are made up of mostly water. That's why water is important - because we are water. Because you are water.

You Are What You Drink
Water quality is important in our daily lives - more important than we think. urwater goes beyond mere potability and deals with making water as pure as you can get it. That is why our business focuses first on the retail front, bringing high-quality water purification products to the consumer and then expanding to address the needs of the commercial, government and property sectors.

Water Is Everywhere
That is where we want to be - everywhere. urwater will expand operations throughout the Australian continent to integrate with communities and educate people on the importance of water. Water is an essential part of your life - we want urwater to be an essential part of it too.

Because Water Is A Cycle
So are we. Every part in that cycle is important. We believe that. That is why urwater is constantly looking at effective ways of contributing back to society, helping less-fortunate communities and countries.

The Smallest Drop Makes A Ripple
URWater is expanding across Queensland, Australia with sales spanning from the South-East corner to the Tropical North. We have Sales Staff in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and in Townsville. With our online shopping we can ship to anywhere in Australia. Check out our Online Shop start shopping now.