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Reverse Osmosis


Reverse osmosis filtration is the most effective of all water filtration systems for the removal of fluoride from drinking water.

We have a massive range of under sink reverse osmosis water filters and can customise any system to suit your needs. 

So if high quality water is what you are after, then a Reverse Osmosis water filter is top shelf. 

But not all Revese Osmosis systems are equal. For effective removal of contaminants you need to maintain a constant high level of rejection of impurites which can only be achieved with the best quality filters, membranes, parts, design and assembly.

You won't find Chinese copies of water filters or filter parts used in our Brisbane workshop where we individually assemble and check every Reverse osmosis under sink system to make sure that it's exactly what the customer needs.

Any compromising on the quality of your reverse osmosis system will directly reflect on the quality of the pure water that comes out of it.